Scientific Scope

The 31st Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry will cover frontier topics from fundamental challenges in classical electrochemistry to practical challenges in the production or removal of chemicals, energy conversion and storage, sensing, and functional materials. Contributions will embrace spatial scales from atomic to electrode level, and temporal scales from surface reactions to materials aging and degradation. Even though centred on theoretical topics, the meeting program will provide an inclusive forum for experimentalists in electrochemistry, promoting the seamless integration of theory and experiment in tuning structure and properties of electrochemical materials (electrocatalysts, ionic media, complex electrodes); unraveling intricate structure vs. property relations through concerted use of theory, simulation, spectroscopy, microscopy, imaging, and electrochemical measurements; devising new methodologies for in-operando testing and analytics; and tweaking the life-cycle performance of materials under use. Confronting such a broad range of electrochemical methods, systems, and technologies has the potential to precipitate ideas for advancement of methods and tools in theory and computation. The theme of artificial intelligence-driven data analytics and materials design will feature prominently in the meeting as it strives to offer a platform shared by theoreticians, computational electrochemists and experimentalists.